Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soetoro is an illegal alien...until he proves otherwise

I will continue to blog-against Barry Soetoro, the illegal alien who is squatting in the White House. Until he produces a legal Birth Certificate and proves that both his parents were citizens of the United States (which he can't since his father was a Kenyan citizen) I will NEVER call Soetoro President.

I hereby swear out a Citizen's Arrest warrant out against him for failing to properly apply for citizenship in the United States. He is non-compliance of immigration laws and he is violating the provisions which require him to have a green-card to be employed in the U.S. He is guilty of a felony.

Therefore, under the penal code of California, be it known that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is under arrest. He has failed to prove that he is a citizen of the United States and he is here illegally until he does.


LeDaro said...

This moronic. Get help.

LeDaro said...

This is moronic. Get help.

Son3 said...
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Son3 said...

LeDaro, since when is it moronic to question one's eligibility to be President, especially when it's a Constitutionally mandated requirement?

If you want to talk about something being "moronic", explain to me why it is that I'm not allowed to drive a car unless I submit my original (not a copy), long-form Birth Certificate to the DMV, yet one can be President without even submitting a copy.

Do you see something "moronic" in that?

LeDaro said...

You sound like a reasonable person. You're wasting your time on a non-issue when you can devote your energies to do good for the society including supporting healthcare reform. I believe Obama administration is quite sincere in that effort.

Son3 said...

Well, I was kind of asking for you to defend your statement that this is "moronic"; I believe Obama is very sincere in his efforts as well, but the question is whether he is a natural-born citizen or not.

To what evidence can you point to support your stance that he is a natural-born citizen, LeDaro?

LeDaro said...

Son3, I am saying that you’re wasting your time on a non-issue. It is obvious that issue is the colour of Obama and not birthplace as it bothers some folks that a black man is in the Whitehouse and they are desperate to come up with something.
Obama has birth certificate which Chris Mathew of Hardball, MSNBC, has shown time and again on his show. Then there was item in the newspaper in Hawii paper announcing the birth of Obama. Rest is just desperation on the part of those who are bitter over Obama’s victory. 80 million people who voted for him cannot be wrong. Then House of Representatives passed a unanimous resolution that Obama is a natural born US citizen to put to rest any question. Not a single congressman voted against the resolution. Which shows that it is just a negative campaign ploy against Obama. Those who are doing it are considered fringe, a loony and hence moronic.

Son3 said...

I'm not white, so I don't know how you can say I'm concerned about his skin tone, not to mention the many "black" men that believe the same as I.

Chris Matthews has shown a "certification of live birth", which was released over the internet by Obama's staffers; can I get my driver's license by showing the DMV a printout of my birth certificate from my blog?

Of course not, no one would accept that as evidence at all.

The document they provided lists his father's race as "African", even though the official term used at that time was "Negro". Also, birth certificates issued in Hawaii in that same year have been uncovered, and are shown to look nothing like the document they provided.

The newspaper that printed his birth announcement received its information from the government's filing of his "certificate
of live birth" that could be attained from the state for anyone, even for a non-resident.

"80 million people who voted for him cannot be wrong."

How many people voted for Hitler, saw invading Martians during the "War of the Worlds" broadcast, or think aliens are visiting Earth?

"Then House of Representatives passed a unanimous resolution that Obama is a natural born US citizen to put to rest any question."

The PATRIOT Act passed the Senate with only one (1) vote against, does this make it a just law? Might never makes right.

I am open to the possibility that Obama was born in Hawaii, but what about his childhood home in Indonesia, where he is on record as being a citizen? Or his mother possibly not being in the U.S. for the qualified amount of time necessary to bestow citizenship on her child?

All these question would disappear if he would only keep his promise to allow for more transparency and allow his birth certificate to be unsealed.

Why doesn't he just do that?

These are legitimate questions, LeDaro, and you would do well to demand they be answered, if for no other reason than to get it out of the way.

LeDaro said...

"How many people voted for Hitler" You are comparing Obama with Hitler and American voters with Nazis. That speaks volumes about you. I rest my case.

Son3 said...

You rest what case?

I don't believe you've made a legible case yet.

Of course I wasn't comparing American voters with Nazis, or Obama to Hitler, and you know how silly that is to assume I did; I also used the analogy of UFO believers, do you think I believe Obama is a space alien?

I was using that as an example of how might never makes right. You were saying a majority is never wrong.

Why can't you simply make a civil argument, LeDaro?

By, "I rest my case," are you saying, "I don't like how this conversation is going, I'm leaving..."?

Don't pout, just bring some facts to the table that we can discuss like adults, okay?

Son3 said...

I almost forgot to tell you, Mr. Noonan, this is a good post!

Regardless of the hit and run comments from our friend to the North, I believe we are finally getting the public to wake up to this issue.

Independent Constitutionalist said...

May 24, 2011...Jerome Corsi's new book SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE reports that the Soetoro administration will be charged with Fraud and felony records tampering. Soetoro is GOING DOWN!