Monday, August 27, 2007

The 2008 Campaign


When I became the State Party Chairman, I was told by the preceding Chairperson that she had a list of nearly 600 people on the AIP mailing list. I was dismayed at the meager number and wondered if I could get a list of 1,000,000 by the end of my term in August 2008.

I am not certain that we can do it, because too many AIP people are “set in their ways” and refuse to make changes. Still, I am going to attempt to grow our list as best I can.

There are going to have to be changes before we can grow our party. I am going to list some of the changes here. I am not going to be gentle about my criticisms. Because unless we change, our state party will die (if the death drums are not beating yet.)

The first change is the use of the internet. The New World Order is already in charge of the national media and the corporations who control the media. The internet is the only chance we have of getting our message out. We must use the internet better and learn to drive traffic to our webpages more cleverly.

My first major criticism is that we need better webpages in each county. There are only a handful throughout the State of California. (More a springing up all the time.)

But most are FREEBIES. On such freebies you have no control over the html code. This make it harder to drive traffic to your sites. Instead, yes, they are up, but they do little good. They are worthless in getting new traffic and helping in the recruiting effort.

Why? Because you can not use the meta tags that are necessary for all search engines to find you. The Mega Tags are part of the html code that is found at the header of your webpage source code. I complained to the webmaster of the Constitution Party webpage and the webmaster of the Constitution Party National Veteran’s Coalition that there was a complete absence of source code META TAGS. But the code is still missing.

I put some meta tags in the AIP webpage and it should help drive more viewers to our webpage.

So my first recommendation would be for most of you to dump the Yahoo Freebie website that you have and start BUILDIING YOUR OWN WEBPAGE.

Another criticism is regarding CONTENT. A couple of our new Chairmen have attempted to organize nice looking webpages but the content is wanting. (Others seem to have good content.) But still, content has to be continually added…FOREVER!

My last criticism regards to GETTING THE NEWS OUT. We seem to have a hard time sharing our message to the masses. One of the problems we have is that we are afraid to offend our friends, our family and neighbors. But unless each one of us start getting the message out, we will continue to be a third party and will never have a chance at being number one or number two.

I am sure that if we all start at a grassroots level and do everything in our power to SPREAD THE MESSAGE then our message will be told. We could reach 1,000,000 like this:

If I send this newsletter to 10 people that = 10
If each of them send to 10 people that =100
If each of them send to 10 people that =1,000
If each of them send to 10 people that =10,000
If each of them send to 10 people that =100,000
If each of them send to 10 people that =1,000,000

But of course, that will only happen if we catch the vision of what we could really do… if we only had the will…

Signed Edward C. Noonan
State Party Chairman