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1637 Colonial Court bans Illegal Aliens
Our Constitution is Dead!
Calderon and Soetoro Violates California Penal Code
Subpoena the Iowa NINE!
How to get updates to what's happening!
Repent! The Constitution has fallen!
FOIA appeal - We want Soetoro's SS records!
Letter to the Social Security Administration.
Attack Obama's Natural Born Citizen Status.
Revoke the Federal Reserve System and IRS
Return $1,000,000 to EVERY married couple in U.S.A.
Forbid all public tax money going to foreign nations.
No American to ever be over-taxed again - (Tax foreigners!)
Deport all foreigners! (Until US economy recovers.)
Ban Interest Rates over 1%
Ban Intra-State & International Corporations in U.S.
No more laws or agencies not authorized by Constitution.
Ban non-citizens from holding elected Office.
20 hour work-weeks for MOST government workers.
Noonan for U.S. Senate.
My First Campaign Promise.
Barbara Boxer's Voting Record...
Natural Born Citizen...It's already been legally reviewed!
Prop 16: PG&E's "Trojan Horse" Iniative!
Falsehoods, Lies & Corruption of the U.S. Senate.
RE: Are Calif. Illegals holding elected offices?
Nightengale Flip-flopping on Open Borders?
Re: Call to Arms!
Are Calif. Illegals holding elected offices?
Call To Arms!
Why LDS ignore the non-citizenship of Obama
2009 Christmas Greeting from Noonan Family
Constitution being TRASHED daily...
Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops!
Soetoro spits on our flag & veterans!
Who is Kurt Tsue?
Soetoro/Obama=King of Felonies/Fraud
Ownership of Presidential Records
Obama to Announce E.T. Visitors?
Sacramento Tea Party Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration
1790 George Washington Says Soetoro Not President
CA Constitution: Non-Citizens Can Own Property!
Citizen Trial Slated for Soetoro/Obama
American Independent Party Pimping For GOP
"Every Citizen Has Standing"
Wrong On Both Counts
REPLY: RE: Obama Citizen Arrest
Open Letter to Gov. Jesse Ventura
Federal Judge Carter Proves He Is Corrupt!
2004 African News website claims Obama born in Kenya
OPERATION: Can You Hear Us Now?
Mexican Catholic Church plan to rule the world!
The FED (Federal Reserve System) started as a scam!
$9 Trillion Missing!
You owe us $11.3 Trillion dollars!
2) Re: Press inquiry from the Post & Email
1) Re: Press inquiry from the Post & Email
Fw: Judge Carter Granting us Expedited Discovery
You Lie!
Keyes v Obama Update [From the Federal courthouse]
My office of U.S. Senator would be invalid!
The Day of Islam: An American Hiroshima being Planned
Obama has declared war on Terrorist (us)!
Tell your goons to stop calling us A$$holes!
Are we all domestic enemies of the Constitution?
Reply: What needs to be done to save the Republic
What needs to be done to save the Republic
Boycott the Various Cesspools!
You Fight Evil by Exposing it!
Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme, an inside job!
20th Amendment does not apply
$2 Trillion missing - FED sued to explain why!
I am going to run for California U.S. Senate
Will the judge deny this case?
How will "BarryO" defy the District Court?
Pelosi a "Fan of Distruptors," Protestors!
40 Days for Life Prepares for Largest Campaign
"Harvey Milk Gay Day" vote looms!
Lucifer's Rules for Radicals
A Call for a "Nancy Pelosi Protest"
Concept of Universal Healthcare a relic from Communism"
The Truth about Progressive Insurance
Boycott Revolution 09-09-09
Hannity TV Special Cancelled
Soros/Boogeyman "New World Order Healthcare Scheme"
Sotomayor, "The Puerto Rican Terrorist" gives Kenyan Birth Certificate 2nd look
Media Corruption/Cover-up Alert
Kenyan Birth Certificate, possible Origin
So, America gets what it deserves
Is John McCain a U.S. Citizen?
Which One is Fake?
Debunking the Debunkers
Vetting the Kenyan Birth Certificate
Yes, John McCain Lied about his Birth Certificate!
God Damn Amerika!
The Fed's Raping of Amerika
More about us "Whackos"
Soetoro's Military: Hiding Head in the Sand!
Hardball's Chris Matthews rude to birthers!
George Soros is Looting the American Treasury!
Dr. Taitz and Dr. Keyes gets Broadsided!
REPLY: Super American Grand Jury Denied!
Super American Grand Jury Denied!
October 30, 2008 Affidavit: Granny says Obama born in Kenya!
Obama Eligibility will be heard!
African Webpages say Obama not US Natural Born Citizen
Reply 2: Soetoro Not a US Citizen
Reply 1: Soetoro Not a US Citizen
Fw: Soetoro Not a US Citizen
Soetoro Not a US Citizen
England has been controlling the FED Since 1916
More Power to the New World Order
Open Letter to Judge Schneider
Powers Concerning Captures on Land and water
What Citizens in England are Saying
English Ownership of America
Prophets of Profits
History of Corporations in Americ
Prop 8 Ruling - What does it mean?
What Is Canada Saying About Us?
White House Birther Question
Taxation Without Legislation.
Re: Digest 3838 -
Digest 3838
Fund Raising for Conservative Political Activists
Hearsay Evidence of Hawaii
Modern Day Grand Juries are Unconstitutional!
Federal Grand Jury vs. Common Law (Citizen) Grand Jury
Grand Jury hand down indictment of treason against Soetoro/Obama
Who is your favorite Crime Boss?
Who's keeping track of the BOGUS events?
Citizen Grand Jury Members Still Needed
I Recommend We oppose Propositions 1A-1F as a package
About Us "Rightwing Extremists"
Your State's Constitution Preamble
Yuba Count Grand Jury Complaint
Dr. Orly Taitz presents indictments
Our states need to follow where Georgia is leading.
California Citizen Grand Juries Needed!
Congress to Give Obama Power To Shut Down Internet
I want to start a Citizen Grand Jury
Wally, Stand By Our Side!
Conficker C Worm = April 1st
Substance Trumps Form
Second Wave Banking Crisis Coming
Senate Passes National Enslavement Act
Remove the Usurper
IMPEACH Soetoro (a.k.a. Obama)
We are not conspiracy nuts! The Fed is evil!
Tea Bags and the Obama Deception Video
Judge Kenny deepens the PARTISAN corruption
Sacramento Tea Party Protest
Part II: Barack is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose?
Barack is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose?
Chinese Scoop Up SoCal Foreclosures
Clever Person
Economy More Important Than Principles?
Does George Soros want to be the new sheriff?
President 'has something to hide' about eligibility
Why wasn't I invited to your townhall meeting/Webinar?
1) Get out debt....2) Live within your Means
Celebrating America as a New, Socialist State...
Is Soetoro's Stimulus Package Socialism in Disguise?
Do you do Politics?
The Homo-Marxian Monster: B.S.
Re: If you are a Veteran, would you salute Obama?
Occidental College loves Alien-in-Chief Barry Soetoro
Re: Hawaii & USSC
Thank you for helping with Border Patrol agents
I VOTE NO on the confirmation of Timothy F. Geithner
I was wondering if you watched obamas inauguration??....
Why do you use AMERIKA?
Re: quote of the day
Obama: The Marxist
Fwd: Letter of resignation to the RNC: I quit!
Ideas on what may go down on Tuesday?
Giddy Liberal - Grim Conservatives? - OBAMA CERTIFIED!
Obama: Primed to bring in a new world order
CSPAN (2004): 'I am not a Natural Born Citizen' (?)
Don't count on Congress...
Ron Paul has fled the battlefield!
Mr. Herger...please be our voice!
A Letter to Wally Herger, 2nd Congressional District
Thomas Jefferson the Prophet?
An Open Letter to Barack Obama
A letter to Wally Herger, Ron Paul and Dan Logue
I believe we need to demonstrate ...
Would the real Conspiracy Theory please stand up...
Merry Christmas from the Noonan Family
Servicemen refusing to take orders from ineligible Obama
The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories...A REPLY
The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories
Please Help us get 100,000 signatures!
Corporate Welfare is the redistribution of wealth...
Re: Servicemen refusing to take orders from ineligible Obama
Congress ­Illegitimate And Off The Table
What is Causing the Great Depression of 2008-2009?
Change Is Coming To The Nation's Abortion Laws
Unlawful Occupation & Invalid Electoral College Process
What if the President was a FRAUD?
The truth about the Obama corruption...
Crooked Illinois Govenor taps Obama for cushy Federal job.
Russians knew (10 years ago) of the North American Union ...!
Team Obama Calls "Birth Cert. Request" Garbage
White Powder and Official Statements
Marxist Obama's Global Poverty Act
Are you ready for emergencies?
Must Read -- 3 Dossiers!
Happy Marxist Inauguration Day
Do Something Now!
We're Watching Their Corruption
Is Obama and Biden Being Setup?
Why can't we subpoena his Cook County forms?
Your rant on Chuck and the CP
Obama's hero is Marxist Nelson Mandela...
They've stepped over the line!
Keyes vs. Bowen
AIP Press Release: Keyes files against Obama
State Party Chair Against Gay Marriage Ruling
Noonan: About Court Hearing (Noonan, Bowen, Keyes vs. King)
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