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There is only one purpose for this CALIFORNIA MORMON BATTALION…It is for LDS members of the AIP, CONSTITUTION PARTY or INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY to get together and REASON TOGETHER. I used two scripture to show that WE SHOULD BE REASONING TOGETHER:

Doctrine & Covenants 50: 9. Wherefore, let every man beware lest he do that which is not in truth and righteousness before me.
10. And now come, saith the Lord, by the Spirit, unto the elders of his church, and let us reason together, that ye may understand;
11. Let us reason even as a man reasoneth one with another face to face.
12. Now, when a man reasoneth he is understood of man, even so will I, the Lord, reason with you that you may understand.

And the second similiar scripture is from Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."

Unlike the Republican Party, those of us LDS in the AIP, CP and IAP all believe that there are “secret combinations” that are active in the United States, and the world in general that are “secret combinations.” Like the Nephites and Lamanites of old, our Prophets of today have warned us that our nation is in peril and could be overcome and our land will be lulled into bondage of lesser powers and who do not have any aspirations for righteous Celestial glory.

It is my testimony that we have already crossed into the threshold of bondage and we no longer control our government, but instead, our government controls us. The same happened to the Nephites and the Lamanites.

If you will read, there had been prophecies to the Nephites regarding to ANCIENT SECRET COMBINATIONS in the Nephite world. The first such warning was given in the beginning of the BofM in II Nephi 9:9 (about 559 B.C.)

Another warning was given 500 years later: Alma 37:14 (50-75 BC).

Wikipedia has a very good summary of the history of the Gadianton Robbers (a well organized secret combination). You can read it at:

Please drop down to their sub-title called: “Origins and rise to power.” There you will read of the four “rises to power” of these secret combinations. Most notable, read the summary where Wikipedia says, “The Lamanites made every effort to eradicate the Gadianton robbers among them. The Nephites, in contrast, began to join the band in larger and larger numbers, until the majority of them were members. Members swore to protect one another and identified each other by means of secret signs and secret words. By24 BC the entire Nephite government was under the control of the Gadiantons.”

It is my fear that this has happened in modern day Amerika. Most LDS are now part of the Socialist, Marxist agenda, and all agree there should be a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, and God should be ejected from the pulpit, from the public square and especially banned from commercial transactions… We are no longer a Christian nation, but instead, the national religion is a neutered-atheistic-society. It is my conclusion that the entire United States of America is under the control of modern day “Gadiantons” and there is no hope of escape.

Alma, of course, was the Prophet at the time of the last complete take-over of the Gadiantons. What was it that made the people refuse to obey him and ignore his warnings? The BofM claims it was because the people “hardened their hearts.” Does this term mean REBELLION? It is implied that the people refused TO LISTEN to Alma. They ignored his warnings…and therefore their society fell into decay and then nothingless.

Now about your writings in your book…

You state in the second sentence of your book, “I want to widen the debate to include issues that are not properly discussed. I have answers for our troubled times.

And then on page 54 (see my copy of your book which I uploaded to CMB) you have a couple of paragraphs that states that the Statue of Liberty is an evil mirror image of the goddess “Cybele, (known in Babylon as Feronia, the goddess of Liberty) is depicted draped in a white flowing robe and on her head sits a crown depicting the crumbled Tower of Babel once destroyed by God, or a crown of light rays.”

In one of my last posts, I remarked that I saw the HISTORY CHANNEL presentation of this same accusation. I could not see any such resemblance of the ancient Babylonian goddess and the Statue of Liberty of my youth.

Godess Cybele

Godess Feronia

Statue of Liberty

I really have no idea how Cybele is identified with Feronia but I guess they could be similar. Since you stated there was a relationship in your book, could you tell me how you made the match? And of course, how do we get from Feronia to Ms. Liberty?
Cybele (according to Wikipedia): “ (Phrygian: Matar Kubileya/Kubeleya "Kubeleyan Mother", perhaps "Mountain Mother"; Greek: Κυβέλη Kybele, Κυβήβη Kybebe, Κύβελις Kybelis; pronounced /ˈkɪbəliː/), was the Phrygian deification of the Earth Mother. As with Greek Gaia (the "Earth"), or her Minoan equivalent Rhea, Cybele embodies the fertile Earth, a goddess of caverns and mountains, walls and fortresses, nature, wild animals (especially lions and bees). Phrygian Cybele is often identified with the Hittite-Hurrian goddess Hebat, though this latter deity might have been the origin of only Anatolian Kubaba. The Greeks frequently conflated the two names, the Anatolian "Kubaba" and the Phrygian "Kybele", to refer to the Phrygian deity.

Wikipedia also states, “In Roman mythology, her equivalent was Magna Mater or "Great Mother". In most mythology her story is Phrygian.

Her Ancient Greek title, Potnia Theron, also associated with the Minoan Great Mother, alludes to her Neolithic roots as the "Mistress of the Animals". She is associated with her lion throne and her chariot drawn by lions.”

Your source must be more extensive because Wikipedia does not place her back during Tower of Babel times. Nor do the 23,000 clay tablets of Sumerian civilization (4000 BC) mention her by name.

Wikipedia states about the Goddess Feronia: “Varro places Feronia in his list of Sabine gods[2] who had altars in Rome. Inscriptions to Feronia are found mostly in central Italy.[3] She was among the deities that Sabine moneyers placed on their coins to honor their heritage.[4] She may have been introduced into Roman religious practice when Manius Curius Dentatus conquered Sabinum in the early 3rd century BC.[5]

Many versions of Feronia’s cult have been supposed, and it is not quite clear that she was only one goddess or had only one function in ancient times. Some Latins believed Feronia to be a harvest goddess, and honoured her with the harvest firstfruits[6] in order to secure a good harvest the following year.

Feronia also served as a goddess of travellers, fire,[citation needed] and waters.”
As you can see, the Statue of Liberty seems to be far from the descriptions of the images of either Cybele or Feronia.

Then you mention the Greek Colossus (page 54) …I don’t know what this has to do with the Masons, or the illuminati or the Gadianton Robbers, but it is THERE in your quote!

(Above) Three best guesses of what the Colossus of Rhodes looked like.

What is so amusing is that no one knows what it really he looked like. Some say he straddled the two sides of the entry of the port (see figure above) and some say he only stood on one side of the port. And a seven pointed hat? How could any one know that if they can’t even be sure how he stood at the entrance of the port?

So when you say, “The Greek Colossus, once one of the 7 wonders of the world had the same crown” please forgive me if I say HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW THAT?!

Again, our Doctrine and Covenants states, “…let every man beware lest he do that which is not in truth and righteousness before me…” I am merely attempting to find TRUTH in what I read. I honestly believe that we are being overtaken by SECRET COMBINATIONS and modern day Gadianton Robbers. So when I question things that I read in your book…please do not condemn me for doing so. If I ask to “reason together” it is a way I have of obtaining the TRUTH OF ALL THINGS (or at least SOME things.)

Edward C. Noonan

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Noonan for US Senate 2010

Volunteers needed for my campaign. If you can break away from the brainwashing Republican Party...come and help me resist the cesspool called Congress, the Supreme C0urt and the White House that is occupied by an illegal alien.